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Blossom, Fertilization Accelerator, SAGAWMANI

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Blossom, Fertilization Accelerator, SAGAWMANI

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Blossom, ferilization accelerator

Direction for use

  • Type of crop : Apple
  • Dilution ratio : 1:1,000 (Product:Water)
  • Spray method : Foliage spray
  • Spray volume : 2.5ton /1ha
  • Application time : Flowering stage(1~2 times)
  • Do not miss the application time, and maintain the dilution rate.
  • Avoid bad weather conditions, and if possible, use the product on god climate days.
  • Check before mixing and using SAGWAMANI with other agricultural chemicals and four composite fertilizers.
  • Clean the sprayer or the speed sprayer before use, and transfer SAGWAMANI in a clean container.

Characteristics & Effects

  • It understands the weather conditions of the flowering time and the physiological characteristics of apple blossoming, and creates an optimum environment for improving the vitality of apple flower buds for them to bloom and pollinate flowers stably.
  • SAGWAMANI provides not only the special materials required for improving the fertilization rate, but also the several different nutrients that are required for forming ming flower buds. It is a simutal neous flowering agent that helps prevent late frost damage during flowering time.
  • SAGWAMANI contains substances that attract pollinating insects.

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